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Geoff's top films for 2006

Best New Films
  • Goodnight and Good Luck (Clooney)
  • Le Temps qui Reste (Ozon)
  • L’Enfant (Dardenne Bros)
  • A History of Violence (Cronenberg)
  • Volver (Almodovar)
  • The Sun (Sokurov)
  • Grain in Ear (Zhang)
  • The Host (Bong)
  • Big Bang Love Juvenile A (Miike)
  • Hana (Kore-Eda)
  • Still Life (Jia)
  • The Wind that Shakes the Barley (Loach)
  • The Road to Guantanamo (Winterbottom)

Best ‘old’ films

  • Poil de Carrotte (Duvivier)
  • The Walls of Jericho (Stahl) and Le Tendre Ennemie (Ophuls)

Best DVDs

  • Sisters (De Palma)
  • 1900 (Bertolucci)
  • Bringing up Baby (Hawks)
  • La Femme Mariee (Godard)
  • Seven Men from Now (Boetticher)
  • Triple Agent (Rohmer)
  • Porte Aperte (Amelio)
  • Adam’s Rib (Cukor)
  • Dillinger is Dead (Ferreri)
  • Detective (Godard)
  • Tony Takitani (Ichikawa)
  • Three Times (Hou)
  • Pretty Poison (Black)
  • The City of Violence (Ryoo)
  • The Missouri Breaks (Penn).
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