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Top ten or thereabouts for 2012

This is the list I sent in to the Senses of Cinema World Poll. I have a feeling on review that I’m not getting a few things. It never occurred to me to include Tabu nor The Last Time I Saw Macau, nor Leviathan, three films that may just be the Uncle Boonmee’s of their year, films for which complete admiration seems the divider between the them and us of purest cinephilia and the infidels lagging along behind. Maybe a second viewing of them might help but I cant help thinking it wouldn’t. I have a feeling my list of serious humanist treasures now marks me as irredeemably behind the current curve. Whatever, here it is and my thanks to APSA and VIFF for providing a chance to see ten of them.

New Films:

  • All Apologies (Emily Tang, China),
  • Barbara (Christian Petzold, Germany),
  • Bear (Khers)(Khosro Masoumi, Iran),
  • Caesar Must Die (Paolo & Vittorio Taviani, Italy),
  • Combat Girls (David Wnendt, Germany),
  • Cosmopolis (David Cronenberg, USA),
  • The Gangs of Wasseypur (Anurag Kashyap, India),
  • In Another Country (Hong Sang-soo, South Korea), Margaret (Kenneth Lonergan, USA),
  • The Master (Paul Thomas Anderson, USA),
  • Mourning (Morteza Farshbaf, Iran) ,
  • No (Pablo Lorrain, Chile),
  • Los Pasos Doble (Isaki Lacuesta, Spain), People Mountain,
  • People Sea (Cai Shangjun, China), Sharqiya (Avi Limne, Israel),
  • Since Then (Shinozaki Makato, Japan),
  • Werewolf Boy (Jo Sung-hee, South Korea),
  • Wu Xia (Peter Ho-sun Chan, China).

When I sent in the list above I completely overlooked Massoud Bakhshi’s A Respectable Family, screened at MIFF and VIFF, yet another remarkable film from Iran and another remarkable debut.

Plus, revealing a late age conversion, TV on DVD

  • Luther, series 1&2,
  • Downtown Abbey series 1,2 & Christmas Special,
  • Treme, series 2,
  • The Killing, series 1&2,
  • Berlin Alexanderplatz,
  • The Hour,
  • Sherlock series 2,
  • State of Play and Cambridge Spies

Plus Old films (some seen for the first time in Bold, some in gorgeous new restorations in cinemas or on DVD in Italic):

  • Bedevil (Tracey Moffatt),
  • Black Jack, (Kenneth Loach, UK),
  • Bonjour Tristesse (Otto Preminger, USA),
  • La Grande Guerra (Mario Monicelli, Italy),
  • The Hitler Gang (John Farrow),
  • The Human Condition (Masaki Kobayashi, Japan),
  • The More the Merrier (George Stevens, USA),
  • The Party and the Guests, (Jan Nemec, Czechoslovakia),
  • Pursued (Raoul Walsh, USA)
  • Twilight’s Last Gleaming (Robert Aldrich, USA),
  • Wild Girl (Raoul Walsh, USA)
Best movies of 2013